Share Your Martech Tools

Do you have awesome Martech tools that are not curated on our site? You can submit the tool on this page by filling up the form below.

Your submission will be reviewed based on our guidelines.

Once your submission is approved, we will publish the tool ASAP!

Here’s how to get your tools listed on Martech Tools:

  1. Be clear with what your product does. If a normal person is unable to figure it out in 10 seconds, it won’t make it to the list.
  2. Write a unique and catchy description. If you copy the description of the tool from somewhere, it will take longer for us to publish as we will write our own description. Check out the sample product listing here
  3. Tool pricing should be transparent without any hidden fee (if it is a paid tool). If we need to get in touch with you to get the pricing, the tool will be rejected. **Please do not submit a tool that’s still in beta testing. It will not be added to our list.

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