Castos is a podcast hosting and analytics platform built to simplify the podcasting journey for creators, brands, and organizations. Designed to take the complexity out of podcast publishing, Castos offers an intuitive interface and robust functionality that streamlines the process from recording to distribution. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, Castos provides the essential tools needed to create a successful podcast and grow your audience. Elevate your audio content and make your voice heard with Castos, the reliable platform for all your podcasting needs.

  • Unlimited Hosting: Offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, allowing podcasters to upload as much content as they want without restrictions.
  • Automated Transcriptions: Integrated transcription services automatically convert your audio content to text, improving accessibility and SEO.
  • Multi-Show Support: Manage multiple podcasts from a single dashboard, ideal for creators who run more than one show.
  • Built-In Analytics: Comprehensive analytics dashboard that provides valuable insights into listener behavior, geographic data, and episode performance.
  • Embeddable Players: Customizable podcast players that can be embedded into websites, allowing you to promote your podcast on your own platform.
  • One-Click Distribution: Easy distribution to major podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, right from your dashboard.
  • Advanced SEO Features: In-built SEO tools to help increase the visibility of your podcast episodes in search engine rankings.
  • YouTube Republishing: Automated option to republish audio episodes as YouTube videos, expanding your content’s reach.
  • Bulk Episode Uploading: The ability to upload multiple episodes at once, making it easier to launch a new series or season.
  • Social Media Integration: Options for auto-sharing new episodes to your social media channels, broadening your audience reach.
  • Episode Scheduling: Schedule episodes in advance for automatic publishing, providing consistency in your release schedule.
  • Private Podcasting: Ability to create private, subscriber-only podcasts that are not available to the general public.
  • Listener-Focused Analytics: Detailed metrics about who your audience is, their listening patterns, and engagement levels.
  • High-Quality Audio: Support for high-bitrate audio to ensure that your podcast episodes have the best possible sound quality.
  • Easy Migration: Hassle-free migration features to import your existing podcast episodes from other platforms.

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